Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Australia Stamp Bulletin

Previously I highlighted Malaysia, Canada and Britain philatelic bulletins, it is an official philatelic publication publish by country's postal authority. Mainly to promote new stamps issue and usually it is given free to all collectors or standing order deposit account (SODA) holder. Above shown is the Australia Stamp Bulletin for issue no. 306, Oct 2010 (with sample page). For beginner or those who have not subscribed to it, please do so. It is free, printed in color and full of information. Published both print and online copy. Issue bi-monthly. To register or download a copy, go to below link:

Please note Australia Post published 2 editions of bulletin, for adult and children (named Stamp Explorer). 

Happy readings! Get one for your kids and promote this healthy hobby or simply enhance their common knowledge. 

P/S: If you do follow my blog, most of my postings added with the "How To" elements to try my best to disseminate and pass down the knowledge for those who want to pick up this hobby. Through sharing to help others to truly enjoy this hobby. Issue no. 307 for Nov-Dec'10 is available online, get your copy now to obtain the first hand information on this year Christmas stamps - "Dear Santa".

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