Wednesday, November 03, 2010

2010 FIFA World Cup - Indonesia 01.05.10

I brought this FDC when I visited Medan early this year. Went to the main post office, the staff invited me to a small store room that stored all the current and previous philatelic materials. I am not collecting Indonesia stamps, but I found few thematic stamps that interest me, one of them is this FIFA World Cup issued. Nothing special for this cover, they still sell old issued FDCs, cancelled with designated postmark (above is Bandung postmark).

The good thing I can share here is all recent Indonesian FDC printed with control series number at the back, where this is the running printing quantity (see above) and it is limited to 4000 for this issue. In my opinion, this is consider low compared to the Indonesia populations, I do not know how many percent is stamp collector. Anyway, in my opinion, this is a good feature and I do hope Pos Malaysia do consider this or at least publish the quantity printed information to collectors. The cover also come with an information leaflet. 

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