Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Stamp Bulletin - Malaysia (Year 1995, 96)

Continuing my previous post on Malaysia Philatelic Bulletin early year collection, the above copies were published in 1995 and 96. The name has been changed to Malaysian Philatelic Bulletin (previously was Philatelic Bulletin). It was now printed in small handy booklet format and with more colorful contents.

Notice Pos Malaysia logo has changed.

To view Malaysia Philatelic Bulletin in the 80s, click this link: http://funstamps.blogspot.com/2009/07/stamp-bulletin-malaysia-early-year.html

Malaysia - 20c Pre-stamped Envelope, Flower Definitive Series

Above shown Malaysia pre-stamped envelope with 20c flower definitive stamp (Federal Territory state stamp). The stamp was printed in red colour (different from the original gummed stamp, which was multi-color).

This cover was posted in 1995 and the mailing rate at that time was 20c for all domestic mail.

Malaysia Frama Label - Old Series (postally used in 1995)

The two covers shown Malaysia first frama label, with 15c and 20c respectively. These cover posted in 1995, 14 years ago.

In the 90s, mail letter without seal was 15c and sealed letter was 20c.

The frama label was purchase at the GPO, Kuala Lumpur, frama vending machine with station number WP 001 (WP - Wilayah Persekutuan) [Federal Territory].

Blind Mail (Visually Impaired) Goes Free for Reading Matter - Malaysia

Blind mail for blind people are free for all reading matter (with raised letters). Not required postage stamps. Above shown the blind mail (Orang Cacat Penglihatan - Urusan Orang Orang Buta) [in Bahasa Malaysia] sent from Kuala Lumpur, in year 2000. Signature appeared on the blue color Blind Mail rubber stamp.