Monday, December 20, 2010

Mistake Cancellation - Return / Unclaimed

Received this Registered letter with mistake cancellation "Return / Unclaimed". The cancellation was further erased by the post staff. 

Insufficient Postage - Private Letter (Part 2)

In this posting, I am showing the private letter instead of the companies sent letters. This test result shown although 60c domestic rate is not fully comply, the post staff still delivered the letter successfully without imposed any fine. But a Tax cancellation indicating the amount due is shown. 

Insufficient Postage - Mail Redirection (Part 1)

This is another series of my testing on the Pos Malaysia mail delivery and operations. All letters that were mailed with insufficient postage rate will be subject to a tax (fine). The normal practice is cancel the letter with a "Tax" and fine accordingly and affixed postage due stamp after fined collected. But not all postal authority around the world will do the same. To name a few, Australia and New Zealand do not issue postage due stamps.

Back to the topic I wanted to discuss, i.e. Mail redirection. Due to recent changed of mail tariff for domestic mailing, the public or some companies may not fully aware and still affixing 30c for standard rate. This is expected and letter sent especially from corporations and companies which paid insufficient postage will be redirect back to the them instead of sending to the recipient and fine them. 

The post office staff cancelled the letter with "Unclaim" (Tidak Dituntut). This cancellation maybe misleading. Perhaps, it should say "Insufficient Postage, Return to Sender". No penalty is imposed. For non-companies letter, I tried, it will not redirect back to sender.