Monday, December 13, 2010

Postally used MelRakyat, a Domestic Aerogramme (1Malaysia series) - Part 2

Sent with contents, with added 30c to make up 60c domestic mailing rate.
Sent to oversea, with insufficient postage and with contents (front view).
Pos Malaysia notice attached to the Domestic Aerogramme informing insufficient postage (back view).

Continuing Part 2 of this topic, shown above are the "Mel Rakyat" sent with insertion (paper inside) and added 30c postage with intention to test whether Pos Malaysia will imposed penalty or it get return to the sender or it get delivered. The result is, it successfully sent to the addressee, without any penalty for it's additional weight. This is due to added 30c postage. I did few of this without adding postage, it sent through successfully as well. 

The second test is to send the "Mel Rakyat" to oversea address, with insertion and insufficient postage. Pos Malaysia returned it to the sender (after few weeks posted) with a notice of lack of 30c. The postage rate to Vietnam is 90c for Zone A up to 20 grams. I have not go further to test whether I add the 30c shortage of postage and resend this letter. The conclusion, as long as you affixed correct postage rate, Pos Malaysia will deliver the "Mel Rakyat" even it intended usage is for domestic. It just treat it as conventional letter.