Friday, October 29, 2010

Heritage of Pahang Souvenir Cover - 25 Oct 2010 (Part 2)

For Part 2 of this article, shown above are FDCs cancelled on 25 Oct 2010, with Counter Postmark from Kelana Jaya, Puchong Jaya and Jalan Semangat, PJ post office. I called this as souvenir cover due to the date is not FDI. For the last cover, it bear both 24 and 25 Oct cancellations (front and back). I don't know how we named this cover. This is the confusing part for collectors. I did it to record this issuing scenario. 

Worth to mention that Puchong Jaya post office opened on 24 Oct, the FDI cancellation provided on Sunday. Nevertheless, it still sell FDC on Monday to cater for those who cannot make it on actual day, but the cancellation is strictly on 25 Oct with Counter postmark, which I am fully agreed.

The only setback is cancel using counter postmark is very hard to get a perfect clear cancellation. Therefore, if you plan to do it, better have more than one in case the first one is not completely clear or satisfy you. Another thing to mention is the stamps for this issue is unusually large. Overall, it is an interesting journey to make these covers.

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