Thursday, June 18, 2009

Stamp Bulletin - Canada

Stamp Bulletin is a valuable reading sources for serious collectors and philatelist.

I am starting a new series of article highlighting stamp bulletins issue periodically by different postal authorities. It is an informative sources packed with new issues details, background stories, design philosophy, printing technical details, designer talk, post marking, philatelic events and exhibitions and many more.

In this article, I showcase above bulletin issued by Canada Post, published in both English and French. "Collection" is highlighting new issues and "Details" is the issue packed with technical details of each issue.

By reading the bulletin, collector will comprehend on the issue theme and story related to the stamps. It is educational especially for children and collectors will appreciate more on the stamps and design.

The bulletin can be obtained free. You can order the stamps shown on the bulletin through mail order service or online order.

Thailand - Insect Collections

Collect postally used stamps!

I regards this is one of the beautiful insect stamps issued I have in my collection. The printing process added a special refecting coat on the stamps to make the insect look more real and alive (see the single stamp on the insect body). Four different designs, printed in setenant format with two variance (see above).

Issued in low denomination to enable collectors afford to add this beautiful issue in their collection.

Thailand - Flower collections

Collect postally used stamp!

Internet, email and technology advancement created efficiency in communication globally.
Sending letter especially on personal usage is dramatically reduced, this can be seen during festive season such as Christmas and New Year, e-cards and email greetings replaces traditional cards, and on the business letters, it is commonly use franking stamps instead of real stamps. Thus, postally used stamps are getting hard to collect.

I am particularly like to collect used stamps on paper or envelope. I feel that it is more difficult and challenging to collect the complete sets especially those in high denominations. As opposed to collect mint sets. Above are some beautifully designed flower issued from Thailand.

In the coming posting, I will showcase more postally used stamps.

Happy collecting!