Tuesday, March 08, 2011


you will never know the true value of A MOMENT 
until it becomes A MEMORY.


Monday, January 17, 2011

感恩 Remembrance - 12 January 2011



母親, 永遠懷念您。

Monday, January 10, 2011

Consular Service Stamps

Consular Service Stamps issued by Brazil.
These stamps are affixed to the passport's visa page to record the visa fees paid.
Malaysia do not issue special Consular Service stamp for immigration purposes. Hence, definitive stamps were used for passport renewal fees. Modern Malaysian passport is designed with high security biometric passport and memory chip embedded, affixing stamps to signify visa fee payment is not necessary anymore.

What is Consular Service Stamp?
A Consular Service stamps are used for the payment of consular fees for applications such as Visa entry and exit documents. It is issued by the authority and used in embassy and immigration department. These stamps are official but not issued for postal purposes, and therefore, it is categorized under “Cinderella stamp”.

End last year, I managed to free up sometime to write a short article for The Malaysian Philatelist Journal (Pemungut Setem Malaysia). This is the official journal published twice yearly by the "Philatelic Society of Malaysia" (PSM). All members will get a free copy of the journal. I plan to write more in the future if time permit. For those who wish to read the above complete article and many more worth reading materials, you are encourage to join PSM (www.psmonline.org/).

Friday, January 07, 2011

Stamp Week Postmarks - Traditional Past Time Games with Upin & Ipin and Friends

Lately, I been travelling oversea and very busy with my work. Just a short update for those who do not have chance to obtain the complete "Stamps Week" for Traditional Past Time Games postmarks at Berjaya Time Square last Dec'10, Pos Malaysia will be sending out an order form to all SODA members. This form will be sent together with the Children's Pet issue. Don't miss out this opportunity.