Thursday, November 04, 2010

1Malaysia Collection - 10.11.10 (Forthcoming issue)

Pos Malaysia will issue a new series of 1Malaysia collection stamps. With 4 denominations, i.e. 30c x 2 and 50c x 2 on this coming Wednesday, 10 Nov 10. Besides stamps, a set of 4 postcards will be issued as well (RM4 per set) plus Folder and FDC.

I believe Pos Malaysia hear most of the collectors comments, this issue is not expensive (RM1.60 per set) and the stamp design is very creative, it's combined traditional handicraft (such as Wau and Songket) with modern development and technologies (such as space exploration and multimedia). These creative element can be seen from the pictorial postmark. Well, no doubt the design partner is from our well known LimKokWing University.

I believe these stamps has been designed and approved before the new tariff, rightfully, for convenience standard letter rate, it should have 60c denomination. Well, this is just my opinion and personally I like the design very much. While our country have high aspirations to move forward to be a developed nation, we should preserve and maintain our heritages and cultures. These is what the stamp is trying to send this message to everyone.

Firefly - 10.05.10 (Section 17, PJ postmark)

This FDC brought in Section 17, PJ post office. It is located in the shopping mall (Jaya One). Thus, it is open until 8pm at night (if I recalled correctly). The cancellation is clear, I love this postmark.

Garden Flowers New Tariff Definitive - 01.07.10 (Puchong postmark)

This is the new tariff definitive issued. Brought it from Puchong post office in the evening. For those who is busy on the issue day, post offices operating in the shopping mall provided a good alternative to collectors. Unfortunately, the FDI postmark is not well maintain, it appeared slightly oval shape instead of round cancellation. Hence, you may not want to go this post office for FDC.

Grand Knight of Valour - 31.07.10 (KLCC postmark)

Pos Malaysia issued these stamps to commemorate our national hero. I brought this at KLCC post office. The pictorial postmark is very beautiful. Some tips for beginner, please note the 60c stamp is not cancelled. This is actually not a good FDC. All stamps affixed must be cancelled, this include miniature sheet, where not only the stamp within, but the sheet is cancelled together with the cover. So, next time when you purchase a FDC from a dealer or make for yourself, make sure the postmark is clear, especially the date of issue and all the stamps are cancelled.  

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Great British Railway - 19.08.10 (Train thematic)

This is a great design train stamp by Royal Mail, with chosen black and white as the theme, it resembling the past glory of the train transportation in the United Kingdom. Refer to the information card for more details. 

2010 FIFA World Cup - Indonesia 01.05.10

I brought this FDC when I visited Medan early this year. Went to the main post office, the staff invited me to a small store room that stored all the current and previous philatelic materials. I am not collecting Indonesia stamps, but I found few thematic stamps that interest me, one of them is this FIFA World Cup issued. Nothing special for this cover, they still sell old issued FDCs, cancelled with designated postmark (above is Bandung postmark).

The good thing I can share here is all recent Indonesian FDC printed with control series number at the back, where this is the running printing quantity (see above) and it is limited to 4000 for this issue. In my opinion, this is consider low compared to the Indonesia populations, I do not know how many percent is stamp collector. Anyway, in my opinion, this is a good feature and I do hope Pos Malaysia do consider this or at least publish the quantity printed information to collectors. The cover also come with an information leaflet. 

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Australia Songbirds - Issued 09.09.09

Australian songbirds is a stunning issued in 2009. It attracted many birds thematic collectors to own these master piece illustrated by the Australian wildlife artist, Christopher Pope. He is also the illustrator for this year "Australian Kingfishers" stamps issue. (   

Above shown is the stamp pack product with brief narrative below:

"Australia is home to an estimated 750 species of birds, the most prevalent group among them being the songbirds. There are 65 to 70 families of songbird worldwide – some of which are sub-oscine rather than true songbirds – with around 33 found in Australia, only one of which is a sub-oscine."   

Further reading on Songbirds related philatelic products, see page 4:

Australia Stamp Bulletin

Previously I highlighted Malaysia, Canada and Britain philatelic bulletins, it is an official philatelic publication publish by country's postal authority. Mainly to promote new stamps issue and usually it is given free to all collectors or standing order deposit account (SODA) holder. Above shown is the Australia Stamp Bulletin for issue no. 306, Oct 2010 (with sample page). For beginner or those who have not subscribed to it, please do so. It is free, printed in color and full of information. Published both print and online copy. Issue bi-monthly. To register or download a copy, go to below link:

Please note Australia Post published 2 editions of bulletin, for adult and children (named Stamp Explorer). 

Happy readings! Get one for your kids and promote this healthy hobby or simply enhance their common knowledge. 

P/S: If you do follow my blog, most of my postings added with the "How To" elements to try my best to disseminate and pass down the knowledge for those who want to pick up this hobby. Through sharing to help others to truly enjoy this hobby. Issue no. 307 for Nov-Dec'10 is available online, get your copy now to obtain the first hand information on this year Christmas stamps - "Dear Santa".