Thursday, November 04, 2010

1Malaysia Collection - 10.11.10 (Forthcoming issue)

Pos Malaysia will issue a new series of 1Malaysia collection stamps. With 4 denominations, i.e. 30c x 2 and 50c x 2 on this coming Wednesday, 10 Nov 10. Besides stamps, a set of 4 postcards will be issued as well (RM4 per set) plus Folder and FDC.

I believe Pos Malaysia hear most of the collectors comments, this issue is not expensive (RM1.60 per set) and the stamp design is very creative, it's combined traditional handicraft (such as Wau and Songket) with modern development and technologies (such as space exploration and multimedia). These creative element can be seen from the pictorial postmark. Well, no doubt the design partner is from our well known LimKokWing University.

I believe these stamps has been designed and approved before the new tariff, rightfully, for convenience standard letter rate, it should have 60c denomination. Well, this is just my opinion and personally I like the design very much. While our country have high aspirations to move forward to be a developed nation, we should preserve and maintain our heritages and cultures. These is what the stamp is trying to send this message to everyone.

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