Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Australia Songbirds - Issued 09.09.09

Australian songbirds is a stunning issued in 2009. It attracted many birds thematic collectors to own these master piece illustrated by the Australian wildlife artist, Christopher Pope. He is also the illustrator for this year "Australian Kingfishers" stamps issue. (http://www.stamps.com.au/shop/stamps/australian-kingfishers).   

Above shown is the stamp pack product with brief narrative below:

"Australia is home to an estimated 750 species of birds, the most prevalent group among them being the songbirds. There are 65 to 70 families of songbird worldwide – some of which are sub-oscine rather than true songbirds – with around 33 found in Australia, only one of which is a sub-oscine."   

Further reading on Songbirds related philatelic products, see page 4:

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