Friday, November 19, 2010

1Malaysia - Real Posted FDC - Issued 10.11.10 (Part 3)

I did a test, I make the FDC, but purposely not to cancel the stamps. Again I worry when this cover reach to mailing center, it pass the FDI date, so I only cancelled at the bottom of the cover to denote I make this cover on the day of issue. Posted it and wait for the surprise what postmark I will get, will the mail center carefully cancel my cover or just cancel it on the franking machine. If yes, maybe I can get the 1Malaysia slogan cancellation. So, is still worth a try.

After few days, I got my cover back in good condition. Cancelled with nice and clear "NMPC Shah Alam" (New Mail Processing Center) postmark. Unfortunately I got the next day cancellation. Well, I know, I dropped it during lunch hour, so the chances to have it on the same day is slim. But there is also no guarantee if I post it in the morning. I did this as well in another post office, it arrived much later than this one and the cancellation is not satisfied, so I'm not showing it here. 

Nevertheless, if you plan to make a "Real Posted FDC" for yourself, is a good advise to post it in the morning before the letter collection time (usually stated on the mail box and is no guarantee as it depends on NMPC's processing time). Another way is to send it by Registered Post. You will get the instant same day cancellation at the counter. Stay tuned for my coming posting. 

1Malaysia - Personal Postcards - Issued 10.11.10 (Part 2)

"Papadom" a local film, this is a 2009 local production movie. Got this Ad post card last year from GPO. Thought that it would be nice to cancel with the 1Malaysia stamp (30c "Songket" weaves Multimedia Magic)

Again these 2 postcards was issued previously and trying to make the Maximum cards, although it is not 100% match with the designs, personally I do love them. Philately is about having fun as well.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

1Malaysia - From Culture to Future (2nd series) - Issued 10.11.10 (Part 1)

Complete set with 30c x 2 and 50c x 2.

Kelana Jaya post office serviced FDC.

Bangsar Baru post office serviced FDC.

Back side of FDC, with special greetings message. Printed stamp designer company logo, this is not commonly seen.

Tropicana Mall post office serviced FDC.

Official postcards (x 5 uncut), priced at RM4.00. Front design.

Inside the fold-able uncut postcards, each with preprinted 20c stamp for domestic posting. The combined 4 designs of the respective postcard formed the design of the 5th postcard.

The stamps, 30c "WAU" (traditional Malay Kite) Technology, 30c "Songket" (traditional hand woven fabric) weaves Multimedia Magic, 50c Basket of Bio Wealth and 50c Crafting Malaysia's Skyline.

The accompanied FDC information leaflet has a very good write up on "1Malaysia", since this concept is launched, there are many version of interpretations among the "Rakyat" (citizen) and politicians. I personally support this 1Malaysia concept, but it is important to have a clear understanding of it's true meaning and intentions behind in order for the people and country to move forward to a developed nation. Below are extracted definition of 1Malaysia, I hope this is the true and is the official version (not written by the author or stamp designer for this issue):

1Malaysia is a bold concept that reminds us of our culture, tradition and diversity and how it unites us. 1Malaysia is a caring thought that does not see differences but enables us to look at our common values. 1Malaysia is a genuine plan that takes care of our interests and assures our rights are enshrined in the constitution.

This is founded on the principles of "People First, Performance Now" - the new pathway for all Malaysians, irrespective of race and religion - to think and act as one Bangsar (race) Malaysia, one Malaysia that is united, advanced and prosperous. 

If you are staying around PJ areas, there are 3 post office that provides pictorial FDI cancellation, i.e. Kelana Jaya, Bangsar Baru and UM (in fact, it is not too far from each other). For new post office that still do not have their own standard circular FDI postmark, you either request for the Counter postmark or they will not service your FDC. 

I also talk about my opinion for this design in my previous posting:

Cats and Dogs Australia - Issued 21.09.04

Since 1993 Australia Post has promoted the hobby of stamp collecting amongst children with a special Stamp Collecting Month issue. Above shown is the 2004 "Cats and Dogs" issued. These is the official Maximum Card with prepaid postage for posting in Australia and delivery worldwide.

Australia has the highest incidence of pet ownership in the world. Of all the animals that can be kept as pets, dogs and cats are the most popular: 40 per cent of households own a dog and 26 per cent own a cat.

Dogs were kept to guard or hunt, cats to keep mice away. Over time, cats and dogs became "part of the family" valued for their companionship, not simply for their usefulness.

The stamps, 50c "Ezzie" a black and white cat, 50c "Thinkerbell" a ginger and white kitten, 50c "Max" a Labrador Retriever pupply, 50c "Bridie" and "Lily" West Highland Terriers and $1 "Edward" Jack Russell Terrier.

These adorable Maximum Cards are special appeal to children and undoubtedly be popular for adults as well. 

Princess Diana and New Zealand Health Surcharge Stamps - 1985

New Zealand stamps have pictured many of the British Royal family, the above is one of the issued which appeared in the Health Stamp series. Health stamp is NZ surcharge stamp, which provides a way for the public to donate fund to the health community through stamps. NZ Post released Health stamps on a yearly basis and I find it a very good practice to raise fund for those who in needs.
Princess Diana, Prince Charles, and their children were featured on these 1985 stamps. One 25c stamp showed Princess Diana and her son William, another 25c stamp showed Princess Diana and her son Henry, while the 35c stamp showed the whole family, Prince Charles, Princess Diana, William and Henry.
Just recently, the Royal family announced the news of Prince William to get marriage in 2011 with Kate Middleton. He is the second in line of the succession, behind his father Prince Charles. Prince William is born in 1982, from these stamp, he is 3 years old. These stamps  bring back lot of memories for those who love Princess Diana.
This issue also accompany with a miniature sheet.