Saturday, January 10, 2009

Postal History - Registered Letter from Thailand

This letter sent from Thailand by Airmail Registered post to Malaysia. You can notice both countries affixed the Registered mail barcode for recording information and this barcode also provide a mean for tracing. Photo shown front and back of the cover affixed with different set of stamps.

Thailand Definitive Stamps Overprint

Current and previous Thai's definitive issued still available for posting, some are overprinted with different face value to cater for the postage rate changed. Above are few postally used stamps I collected.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Stamps in box, remember the old day ...

While cleaning up my room for the coming Chinese New Year, I found a jigsaw puzzel box stored all my postally used stamps that I gathered from friends and cut from enveloped many years ago. When I open the box, I see lots of tiny, miniature, beautifully and colourful stamps. The stamps in this small little box bring back lot of sentimental memories. It is like you found a treasure somewhere in your room.

I like to collect stamps on paper (kiloware), each stamp gone through it printed postal value for dispatching letters and the small little postmark indicates the city and date the letter was mailed. All these make this little stamp a masterpiece. 

Although it is not in a complete set or in mint condition, but it is worth collecting. It takes time to make the little box full of stamps, but I enjoy the process of collecting stamps at this pace. If you use money to buy the stamps, it is not fun and you will not treat it like treasure.

Till next time.
Happy New Year!

Happy New Year 2009!

Dear readers,
May your New Year bring time for reflection and renewal, 
time for little celebrations, 
time for wonder, 
time for discovery 
and time for dreams.
Happy New Year 2009 and Happy Collecting!