Saturday, December 26, 2009

Unissued Malaya Stamp - 1959 and 1960 (Newsflash)

This were the 2 stamps planned but unable to release during year 1959 and 1960.

The first stamp (vertical format) was to commemorate the installation of the Yang Di-Pertuan Agong II (second king) of Sultan Selangor in 1 Sept 1960. Stamp designed in grey color as background, 10c and printed in UK. His Majesty passed away at Istana Tetamu in Kuala Lumpur on 1 Sept 1960, the day fixed for his installation. Therefore, the stamp was not release.

The second stamp (horizontal format) was planned to issue in 27 Nov 1959 to commemorate the 25th Anniversary of Accession of the sultan of Negri Sembilan. The country name was Malaya at that time and the stamp designed in red as background, printed in Holland. Denomination is 10c. This stamp was unable to issue due to His Majesty passed away.

NZ Post Recycle Envelope - Save the Planet!

This envelope produced by NZ post for business mailing. The interesting part of this
envelope is designed to be reusable (recycle). The first figure shown the front envelope with Reusable logo. The second figure shown the back side of the envelope. To open the envelope, follow the instruction to tear off the red color paper strip (with arrow sign).

This back side will become the front side when reusing this envelope for mailing. The last 2 figure shown the envelope after tearing off the red paper strip. I do hope other organizations will start using this type of reusable envelope to save our planet.

Kudos to NZ Post for this move.

Monday, December 21, 2009

News Flash: NZ Year of the Tiger 2010

Introducing a new posting of my blog to cover new flash (new issue news). In the first posting is celebrating the Chinese New Year - Year of the Tiger 2010. To be issue by New Zealand Post on 6 Jan 2010, with 4 denominations. Above picture and narrative are extract from NZ Post bulletin. For more details and order this stamps, you can go online at

Malaysia Tax Covers - Commercial Mail

Commercial letter sent without affixed 30c postage. The tax amount is 60c. With a blue postmark "T" stated 30c is the mailing rate and 60c is the tax/penalty. But without any postage due stamps affixed.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Return To Sender Letter - Australia

Due to insufficient address, this letter was return to the sender. Notice Australia Post affixed a special label to notify the sender on the reason why this letter can't deliver.

Friday, December 04, 2009

Postal Automated Machine Label (PAM) - Malaysia

Malaysia new issued of Postal Automated Machine label, in short, PAM. This is to replace the long overdue frame label machine located at GPO, KL. Sadly, the previous 2 Frama label machines were not expanding after introducing more then 10 years ago. I still recalled it started off with 2 machines located at GPO and towards the end, only one was operating and after some time, it has been removed and discontinued.

After this, some post offices located in shopping mall were installed with a so-called converted soft drinks vending machine to sell stamps booklet, aerogramme, postcard and registered cover. It is operating exactly like a soft drink machine, choose the postal item from the screen, insert coin and press the button to get the item. It is not a frama label machine but objective is to serve as a self automated kind of concept to the public during off office hour to purchase stamps only. Personally, I find it kind of outdated and not really an integrated post office functionality machine.

Well, it is great to know Pos Malaysia finally implemented a modern PAM machine. I do hope it will expand to nationwide and not only located at post offices, but at tourist locations, shopping center, subway stations, high populated office and commercial building in the city center.

Apparently, for a start, only one PAM machine installed in GPO, located at the main hall counters, in a dedicated glass room.

In fact, our neighboring country, Singapore already have PAM more then 10 years ago and the features and functionalities are expanding through out the years. It is very advanced and rich in features and easily accessible in post offices, MRT stations, shopping malls, etc. The machine is called S.A.M (Self-service Automated Machine). You can buy frama label from this machine and other similar functions available in our PAM. But S.A.M. integrated with bill payment, bank transactions, and fine as well. Best of all, it is available island wide.

Back to our PAM, the above image shown the complete set of PAM label you can purchased. The denominations are prefixed, that is 30c, 40c, 50c, RM1 and RM2. Of course, you have the flexibility to enter your own denominations.

The machine accepted coins and banknote and it will provide change. A receipt will be printed after successfully paid the amount due. The postage label printed a serial number with the following conventions:

001 - Machine Id
301109 - Date in DDMMYY
0018 - 4 digits running number

On the left side of the label, printed horizontally - "Valid For Postage". This only available in the 2nd issued and the first issued do not have this text printed.

The PAM label can be used at any time after purchased, not necessary must be used at the same day and at GPO only.

I purchased the PAM label and mailed it after few days in other post office. I received the letter safely, see the first image above. Cancelled by Bukit Raja Mail Center in Selangor. The label is cancelled and can't be reused. It served no different like a postage stamp.

Lastly, congratulation to Pos Malaysia for implementing PAM and I do hope it will make PAM at our convenience anytime and anywhere.

Malaysia Tax Covers - Commercial and Private Mail

Above is the Tax cover processed in Bukit Raja Mail Center, with triangular T (Tax) postmark with black ink. It is sent from commercial mailing. No penalty incurred and no postage due stamps affixed.

Below is the Tax cover processed in Bandar Baru Bangi Mail Center, with larger T (Tax) postmark with red ink. It is sent from a private mailing. No penalty incurred as well and no postage due stamps affixed.

1 Malaysia Postmark

Postmark: Bukit Raja 01

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Malaysia - Caring Society - unicef (Issued: 9 Oct 09)

Post Malaysia lately input new design feature into new issue, which is welcome by all collectors and is definitely a good approach. In this unicef Caring Society stamps, Braille code being embossed onto the RM1 stamp.

Braille is a worldwide system used by blind and visually impaired people for reading and writing. Braille is read by passing the fingers over characters made up of an arrangement of one to six embossed points. It has been adapted to almost every known language. Braille is invented by Louis Braille in 1821, more then a century ago.

I scanned both sides of the RM1 stamp to have a close up image on the Braille cells. I do a quick check on the Internet to look for a reference Braille table, I managed to translate the meaning as "RM#1", which is RM1 (One Ringgit). Please note you need to refer to the Braille cell on the front of the stamp (not the back, refer to first stamp image).

I personally like the design very much, the design image is simple yet effectively send the message across on child caring. With vivid color used on the children image and appeared on the white background, it make the subject stand out, make public aware and care for the unfortunate.

On the RM1 design, children playing and running with the rainbow as background, symbolizes bright future and the Braille embossed count on the blind and visually impaired people.

Malaysia State Definitive Series Collection - Garden Flowers (FDC by denominations)

Officially or by standard practice, most collectors will make their FDC by state, i.e. 14 different miniature sheets on 14 covers, with different state postmarks. Which I highlighted in my previous post.

Since definitive is hardly issue, especially the previous issue used for more then 20 years, thus, I take this rare opportunity to make the FDC by denominations, with total of 84 stamps. That's 14 stamps per denomination per cover, total 6 covers (5c, 10c, 20c, 30c, 40c and 50c).

In order to do this, I break the stamp from the miniature sheet (this is not really a good guideline to make FDC) and pasted onto the cover. For each FDC, I only have one state cancellation, this make sense and valid as I brought the full set of stamps and cancelled the cover at say "Kuching" post office, in Sarawak.

Anyway, is just a personal preference on making your own FDC and have fun enjoying it.

Malaysia State Definitive Series Collection - Garden Flowers (Issued: 24 Nov 09)

This is a special collector edition for the current state definitive: "Garden Flower" series. All the 6 denominations printed in a miniature sheet, i.e.: 5c, 10c, 20c, 30c, 40c and 50c. This is a reprint series with more vivid color as compared to the previous issued. Except for state Negeri Sembilan, which the Sultan portrait was the current reign. The rest remain no changed.

The complete set is 14 pieces of miniature sheets (total 14 states/federal territories in Malaysia).
Definitive series re-issued in miniature format is not something new and there are other countries have the same practice, such as Hong Kong and Singapore.

Shown above is the selected sample of 2 states; The Kedah state with the sultan portrait plus state emblem below and the Sarawak state with the state emblem (no sultan for this state).

For the First Day Cover (FDC), I shown another 2 different state, on the top is the Negeri Sembilan state with the new sultan portrait (this is the official FDC used in this issue) and below is the FDC for the state of Sabah, which is similar to Sarawak, only state emblem printed (no sultan). This is the past issued FDC use for this issue. The reason being was due to post office was shortage of the current FDC, thus, it was selling the old design cover at the post office counter in order to meet the demand of the collectors. As long as the stamps and postmarks are officially cancelled, there is no argument on the making of FDC with different design cover. It is still a valid FDC.

Therefore, a complete set of FDC will have 14 covers, each with different state's postmark. Since I went to the GPO, Philatelic Bureau in Kuala Lumpur to make the FDC, I have the chance to make all the 14 states FDC and managed to have each of the postmark cancelled on a white piece of paper to show you the complete set of state postmarks. Postmark design is same except with different state city.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Stamp Bulletin - Malaysia (Year 1995, 96)

Continuing my previous post on Malaysia Philatelic Bulletin early year collection, the above copies were published in 1995 and 96. The name has been changed to Malaysian Philatelic Bulletin (previously was Philatelic Bulletin). It was now printed in small handy booklet format and with more colorful contents.

Notice Pos Malaysia logo has changed.

To view Malaysia Philatelic Bulletin in the 80s, click this link:

Malaysia - 20c Pre-stamped Envelope, Flower Definitive Series

Above shown Malaysia pre-stamped envelope with 20c flower definitive stamp (Federal Territory state stamp). The stamp was printed in red colour (different from the original gummed stamp, which was multi-color).

This cover was posted in 1995 and the mailing rate at that time was 20c for all domestic mail.

Malaysia Frama Label - Old Series (postally used in 1995)

The two covers shown Malaysia first frama label, with 15c and 20c respectively. These cover posted in 1995, 14 years ago.

In the 90s, mail letter without seal was 15c and sealed letter was 20c.

The frama label was purchase at the GPO, Kuala Lumpur, frama vending machine with station number WP 001 (WP - Wilayah Persekutuan) [Federal Territory].

Blind Mail (Visually Impaired) Goes Free for Reading Matter - Malaysia

Blind mail for blind people are free for all reading matter (with raised letters). Not required postage stamps. Above shown the blind mail (Orang Cacat Penglihatan - Urusan Orang Orang Buta) [in Bahasa Malaysia] sent from Kuala Lumpur, in year 2000. Signature appeared on the blue color Blind Mail rubber stamp.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Postally used stamps - Kiribati

Kiribati, officially the Republic of Kiribati, is an island nation located in the central tropical Pacific Ocean.

Kiribati was named Gilbert Islands after the British Captain Thomas Gilbert, who sighted the islands in 1788.

The current name, Kiribati, is an adaptation of "Gilberts", from the former European name the "Gilbert Islands". (source: Wikipedia)