Thursday, November 18, 2010

Princess Diana and New Zealand Health Surcharge Stamps - 1985

New Zealand stamps have pictured many of the British Royal family, the above is one of the issued which appeared in the Health Stamp series. Health stamp is NZ surcharge stamp, which provides a way for the public to donate fund to the health community through stamps. NZ Post released Health stamps on a yearly basis and I find it a very good practice to raise fund for those who in needs.
Princess Diana, Prince Charles, and their children were featured on these 1985 stamps. One 25c stamp showed Princess Diana and her son William, another 25c stamp showed Princess Diana and her son Henry, while the 35c stamp showed the whole family, Prince Charles, Princess Diana, William and Henry.
Just recently, the Royal family announced the news of Prince William to get marriage in 2011 with Kate Middleton. He is the second in line of the succession, behind his father Prince Charles. Prince William is born in 1982, from these stamp, he is 3 years old. These stamps  bring back lot of memories for those who love Princess Diana.
This issue also accompany with a miniature sheet.

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