Thursday, November 18, 2010

1Malaysia - From Culture to Future (2nd series) - Issued 10.11.10 (Part 1)

Complete set with 30c x 2 and 50c x 2.

Kelana Jaya post office serviced FDC.

Bangsar Baru post office serviced FDC.

Back side of FDC, with special greetings message. Printed stamp designer company logo, this is not commonly seen.

Tropicana Mall post office serviced FDC.

Official postcards (x 5 uncut), priced at RM4.00. Front design.

Inside the fold-able uncut postcards, each with preprinted 20c stamp for domestic posting. The combined 4 designs of the respective postcard formed the design of the 5th postcard.

The stamps, 30c "WAU" (traditional Malay Kite) Technology, 30c "Songket" (traditional hand woven fabric) weaves Multimedia Magic, 50c Basket of Bio Wealth and 50c Crafting Malaysia's Skyline.

The accompanied FDC information leaflet has a very good write up on "1Malaysia", since this concept is launched, there are many version of interpretations among the "Rakyat" (citizen) and politicians. I personally support this 1Malaysia concept, but it is important to have a clear understanding of it's true meaning and intentions behind in order for the people and country to move forward to a developed nation. Below are extracted definition of 1Malaysia, I hope this is the true and is the official version (not written by the author or stamp designer for this issue):

1Malaysia is a bold concept that reminds us of our culture, tradition and diversity and how it unites us. 1Malaysia is a caring thought that does not see differences but enables us to look at our common values. 1Malaysia is a genuine plan that takes care of our interests and assures our rights are enshrined in the constitution.

This is founded on the principles of "People First, Performance Now" - the new pathway for all Malaysians, irrespective of race and religion - to think and act as one Bangsar (race) Malaysia, one Malaysia that is united, advanced and prosperous. 

If you are staying around PJ areas, there are 3 post office that provides pictorial FDI cancellation, i.e. Kelana Jaya, Bangsar Baru and UM (in fact, it is not too far from each other). For new post office that still do not have their own standard circular FDI postmark, you either request for the Counter postmark or they will not service your FDC. 

I also talk about my opinion for this design in my previous posting:

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