Friday, November 19, 2010

1Malaysia - Real Posted FDC - Issued 10.11.10 (Part 3)

I did a test, I make the FDC, but purposely not to cancel the stamps. Again I worry when this cover reach to mailing center, it pass the FDI date, so I only cancelled at the bottom of the cover to denote I make this cover on the day of issue. Posted it and wait for the surprise what postmark I will get, will the mail center carefully cancel my cover or just cancel it on the franking machine. If yes, maybe I can get the 1Malaysia slogan cancellation. So, is still worth a try.

After few days, I got my cover back in good condition. Cancelled with nice and clear "NMPC Shah Alam" (New Mail Processing Center) postmark. Unfortunately I got the next day cancellation. Well, I know, I dropped it during lunch hour, so the chances to have it on the same day is slim. But there is also no guarantee if I post it in the morning. I did this as well in another post office, it arrived much later than this one and the cancellation is not satisfied, so I'm not showing it here. 

Nevertheless, if you plan to make a "Real Posted FDC" for yourself, is a good advise to post it in the morning before the letter collection time (usually stated on the mail box and is no guarantee as it depends on NMPC's processing time). Another way is to send it by Registered Post. You will get the instant same day cancellation at the counter. Stay tuned for my coming posting. 

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