Friday, October 29, 2010

Heritage of Pahang First Day Cover - 24 Oct 2010 (Part 1)

Pos Malaysia issued a set of new postage stamp - "Heritage of Pahang" on the 24 Oct 2010. It was fall on Sunday. Hence, only selected post shop will open on Sunday for FDC servicing. That is those located in shopping mall, hypermarket such as Tesco, Giant, etc that open 7 days a week.

For those post office that is closed on Sunday, the stamps only officially sold on Monday and the FDC postmark was backdated. This create an interesting scenario where your FDC rightfully should be cancelled on the actual release date, not the next day. In order to captured this special scenario, collectors that purchased the FDC on Monday, i.e. 25 Oct 10, can mail their FDC to get the 25 Oct cancellation or request to cancel the FDC over the counter with the normal circular postmark (if you don't want to mail it). In addition, have the backdated FDC postmark cancellation. I do not know how you define this type of cover (with 2 dates postmarks), but certainly it create lot of confusion among collectors. It is best Pos Malaysia can avoid such issuing plan in the future. (this happen due to in conjunction with sultan's 80th birthday) .  

Beside having 2 different dates cancellation on the FDC, if you purchased it on the 25 Oct (Monday), you also got the opportunity to create a Souvenir Cover for this issue. That is only service with the normal circulate cancellation on 25 Oct. I will show these 2 type of configurations in my following posting.

The first FDC shown above is the FDI (First Day of Issue) cancellation, with Official Pictorial Postmark from "Kelana Jaya" post office (for non-Malaysian collectors, FYI, only the post office name is change, the pictorial remain the same on the postmark. Other large post offices servicing pictorial cancellation are of course the GPO in each state, KLCC, Kelana, Jaya and few more). 

The 2nd one is the normal circular First Day of Issue postmark from ordinary post office. I serviced this from "Jalan Semangat, PJ" post office. I particularly love these circular FDI cancellation, even it is plain. I believe FDC with these cancellation is much less than the pictorial one. Especially for those small and remote post offices. 

I am not keen on Malaysian royalty stamps (in fact is my least favorite), I brought few of these FDCs for the purpose of recording the above date events.

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