Friday, December 04, 2009

Postal Automated Machine Label (PAM) - Malaysia

Malaysia new issued of Postal Automated Machine label, in short, PAM. This is to replace the long overdue frame label machine located at GPO, KL. Sadly, the previous 2 Frama label machines were not expanding after introducing more then 10 years ago. I still recalled it started off with 2 machines located at GPO and towards the end, only one was operating and after some time, it has been removed and discontinued.

After this, some post offices located in shopping mall were installed with a so-called converted soft drinks vending machine to sell stamps booklet, aerogramme, postcard and registered cover. It is operating exactly like a soft drink machine, choose the postal item from the screen, insert coin and press the button to get the item. It is not a frama label machine but objective is to serve as a self automated kind of concept to the public during off office hour to purchase stamps only. Personally, I find it kind of outdated and not really an integrated post office functionality machine.

Well, it is great to know Pos Malaysia finally implemented a modern PAM machine. I do hope it will expand to nationwide and not only located at post offices, but at tourist locations, shopping center, subway stations, high populated office and commercial building in the city center.

Apparently, for a start, only one PAM machine installed in GPO, located at the main hall counters, in a dedicated glass room.

In fact, our neighboring country, Singapore already have PAM more then 10 years ago and the features and functionalities are expanding through out the years. It is very advanced and rich in features and easily accessible in post offices, MRT stations, shopping malls, etc. The machine is called S.A.M (Self-service Automated Machine). You can buy frama label from this machine and other similar functions available in our PAM. But S.A.M. integrated with bill payment, bank transactions, and fine as well. Best of all, it is available island wide.

Back to our PAM, the above image shown the complete set of PAM label you can purchased. The denominations are prefixed, that is 30c, 40c, 50c, RM1 and RM2. Of course, you have the flexibility to enter your own denominations.

The machine accepted coins and banknote and it will provide change. A receipt will be printed after successfully paid the amount due. The postage label printed a serial number with the following conventions:

001 - Machine Id
301109 - Date in DDMMYY
0018 - 4 digits running number

On the left side of the label, printed horizontally - "Valid For Postage". This only available in the 2nd issued and the first issued do not have this text printed.

The PAM label can be used at any time after purchased, not necessary must be used at the same day and at GPO only.

I purchased the PAM label and mailed it after few days in other post office. I received the letter safely, see the first image above. Cancelled by Bukit Raja Mail Center in Selangor. The label is cancelled and can't be reused. It served no different like a postage stamp.

Lastly, congratulation to Pos Malaysia for implementing PAM and I do hope it will make PAM at our convenience anytime and anywhere.


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