Friday, December 04, 2009

Malaysia Tax Covers - Commercial and Private Mail

Above is the Tax cover processed in Bukit Raja Mail Center, with triangular T (Tax) postmark with black ink. It is sent from commercial mailing. No penalty incurred and no postage due stamps affixed.

Below is the Tax cover processed in Bandar Baru Bangi Mail Center, with larger T (Tax) postmark with red ink. It is sent from a private mailing. No penalty incurred as well and no postage due stamps affixed.


  1. The Bangi tax cancel is interesting. Have seen another used by them which is a solid T that looks almost like a cross in a shield. THe minimum charge on a cover without a stamp is 60 sen and if the shortage is less than 25 sen, the minimum charge is still 50 sen. You could try bringing the T cancelled envelope to the post office and ask them to fine you if you want the stamp. Andrew

  2. Thanks for the comment. Learn something new.

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