Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Malaysia State Definitive Series Collection - Garden Flowers (Issued: 24 Nov 09)

This is a special collector edition for the current state definitive: "Garden Flower" series. All the 6 denominations printed in a miniature sheet, i.e.: 5c, 10c, 20c, 30c, 40c and 50c. This is a reprint series with more vivid color as compared to the previous issued. Except for state Negeri Sembilan, which the Sultan portrait was the current reign. The rest remain no changed.

The complete set is 14 pieces of miniature sheets (total 14 states/federal territories in Malaysia).
Definitive series re-issued in miniature format is not something new and there are other countries have the same practice, such as Hong Kong and Singapore.

Shown above is the selected sample of 2 states; The Kedah state with the sultan portrait plus state emblem below and the Sarawak state with the state emblem (no sultan for this state).

For the First Day Cover (FDC), I shown another 2 different state, on the top is the Negeri Sembilan state with the new sultan portrait (this is the official FDC used in this issue) and below is the FDC for the state of Sabah, which is similar to Sarawak, only state emblem printed (no sultan). This is the past issued FDC use for this issue. The reason being was due to post office was shortage of the current FDC, thus, it was selling the old design cover at the post office counter in order to meet the demand of the collectors. As long as the stamps and postmarks are officially cancelled, there is no argument on the making of FDC with different design cover. It is still a valid FDC.

Therefore, a complete set of FDC will have 14 covers, each with different state's postmark. Since I went to the GPO, Philatelic Bureau in Kuala Lumpur to make the FDC, I have the chance to make all the 14 states FDC and managed to have each of the postmark cancelled on a white piece of paper to show you the complete set of state postmarks. Postmark design is same except with different state city.

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