Monday, December 06, 2010

Postally used MelRakyat, a Domestic Aerogramme (1Malaysia series) - Part 1

MelRakyat (Citizen Mail) was introduced by Pos Malaysia to cater for the needs of the "Rakyat" (citizen) on the raise of the new tariff for domestic mail in 1 July 2010. Where the public can still send domestic letter with old rate (30c) instead of the new rate of 60c. It is similar to the aerogramme but only for domestic posting and no paper, insertion allowed in the letter. MelRakyat was released on 26 Apr 10, but it is not widely available at all post office during that time. On my recent purchased at HQ, I was told that the stock is limited. I am not sure Pos Malaysia will re-print more in the future (since it is kind of a definitive issue) or the stock is really low as claimed by the post staff.

I posted few "MelRakyat" addressed to myself for the purpose of testing out various configurations, i.e. sent it as per requirements (as shown above) before and after the new tariff, sent with insertion (paper) and sent to oversea. I will post the test results in my coming posting.

In recent months, I did lot of testing and try to form some kind of study related to the post efficiency and improvement. My previous post on the complaint was one of the test on the customer service, of course I am not the one who removed the stamps, the incident happen at the right time for me to carry out the desired test. I will post more test results in year 2011 on various category. I want to do something different from other blog which merely shown philatelic cover and stamp without any descriptions, behind the scene (the postal operations, the stamp design, the usage statistic, the efficiency) or some study subject or research. Well, this is my next year blogging goal. Oops, I shouldn't leak what is my 2011 blogging plan, I should wait for the Christmas or New Year article posting :-)

Stayed tune for more.

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