Friday, January 15, 2010

Malaysia Tax Cover, Tax Notice (Surat Terdenda) and Postage Due

I posted few write-up previously on Malaysia tax cover. In this article, I go into more details on Tax cover processing, Tax Notice (Surat Terdenda) and usage of postage due stamps.

When someone send you a mail with insufficient postage or used non-standard size letter, POS Malaysia will tax (penalty) on this letter.

Current mailing regulation for standard size letter for domestic of up to 20 grams is 30c. For non-standard size letter is 50c. Refer to the above 2 tax covers, one is standard size and the tax amount is 60c (30c x 2). Thus, post staff will affixed 3 x 20c postage due stamps. This letter was mailed without postage stamp.

For the second non-standard size letter, the tax amount is RM1 (50c x 2).

When the sender sent out the letter, either he forget to affix stamp due to bulk mailing or the stamp not affixed properly and got peeled off during transit, processing or sorting.

This letter was originated from Selangor, thus, it will route to Bukit Raja Mailing Processing Center. For Kuala Lumpur address, it will process at GPO, Dayabumi (if I got it right).

From Bukit Raja Processing Center [state], it will cancelled with Tax postmark if found to be insufficient postage. Sorted and sent to Cawangan Serahan Puchong (Puchong Mail Dispatch Center) [district] and the staff will prepare a Tax Notice (Surat Terdenda, shown above front and back) with a correspond number on the notice card and the letter (in this example, it was written 23 for the non standard size letter). This Tax notice will then be delivered to the recipient address.

If the recipient need to claim the letter, he or she is required to bring along this tax notice to the stated dispatch center. The post staff will refer to the number (23) on the notice card and retrieve the letter accordingly.

The post staff will paste the postage due stamps (by referring to the stated tax postmark amount), cancelled it and collect the due amount from the recipient.

The last photo shown post office staffs were busy working at Puchong Mail Processing Center and the example of 20c and 50c postage due stamps in block of four (printed by Security Printer Malaysia). Please note this stamps are not valid for postage and not for sales.

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