Saturday, January 14, 2006

China Year of Dog Stamp

On 5 January 2006, China issued a one-piece set of special stamp entitled "Bing-Xu Year" with a face value of 80 fen.

The title of the picture on the stamp is "Bing-Xu Year".

The year 2006, according to the Chinese lunar calendar, is the Bing-Xu Year, or the Year of Dog. The dog is man's reliable companion through thick and thin together. As early as in the matriarchal society, primitive men living in the Yellow River valley began to raise dogs. With the development of civilization, dogs had been used to tend sheep and cattle. Dogs were not only kept as pets, but also deified by people. Legend has it that a dog, named Xiao Tian Quan, helped its owner God Erlang to subdue evil spirits, singing the praises of dog's loyalty and courage.

Courtesy: China National Philatelic Corporation

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